Education & Entertainment Systems

FTDs are employed for the instruction and training of passenger airplane pilots. They can save airlines fuel costs, as well as train pilots in emergency situations that one hopes they will never have to encounter!

Education & Entertainment systems should bring in income for their owners, whilst giving their customers a real sense of flying an aeroplane and, not least, a healthy shot of adrenalin!

We have specialised in developing systems that provide firms and customers with a wholly reliable and long-life source of entertainment. Our SEDs are developed and built to guarantee minimal downtime as well as low running costs for owners. Configurable software and easy on-site installation mark simsystems simulators out. We offer various options, dependent upon the size and purpose of the deployment, ranging from gliders to small planes with one motor and helicopters to airliners. We develop, when required, solutions for Old-timers and aeroplanes that have been taken out of service.

In addition we can advise customers on suitable locations, as well as offering complete concepts with video distribution and recording. We have also developed cameras that can relay from the cockpit to screens in the waiting area.

We offer network-based Boarding Screen software, a Snapshot Cockpit camera with immediate printing out and boarding card design with an appropriate printing system. With used or redeployed aeroplane parts we are able to create a realistic ambience in your location. Museums, simulators and private individuals who value reliability belong to our customer base just as much as universities and aeroplane manufacturers who need mock-ups for trade fairs.

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