Cockpit Concepts

Our cockpit concepts are built with customers’ needs and budget in mind. Clearly, as a starting point, primary flight controls and primary instruments are essential. All additional components can be configured with dummy lookalike panels that can be upgraded later, step by step, with customers’ budgets in mind. As and when required simsystems will take the dummy panels back and replace them with fully working units. Easy exchange of our panels and components is facilitated by the use of the CAN Inerthya hotplug system.

Desktop solutions

From easy to use, simple desktop solutions to a fully integrated cockpit, simsystems offers a wide range of cockpit concepts for entertainment and educational training. With our desktop solution almost any aircraft can be modelled to an individual specification. These are perfect for mission rehearsal or demonstration, with or without MFD integration.

IPT devices

With our educational IPT systems students can get a first impression of complex aircraft systems as well as the BITE and ACARS pages used for maintenance. These units can be configured as flying or non-flying demonstrators.

Civil Entertainment systems

Our entertainment systems are built with customers and their clients in mind. Providers of entertainment simulators require low-maintenance and extremely reliable systems, that give great enjoyment to their customers, irrespective of whether they wish to be an airline pilot for an hour or to land a helicopter on a moving ship! For customers who are beginners we offer different configurations for the flight model, in order to ensure that the customer never feels unsafe or insecure flying our devices. For hotels and cruise ships theme-specific scenery files can be added in accordance to the location or route, such as a round trip in the Alps or a flight over the Caribbean islands.

Military entertainment systems

The military Single Seater cockpits are built for fun to recreate the sensation of flying an old fighter or a supersonic jet.

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